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UK Journal of Mines and Minerals

The UK Journal of Mines & Minerals publishes articles of interest to mineral collectors, curators and topographic mineralogists.

Issue No. 34 of the UKJMM is now available.

UK subscriptions remain unchanged at £16 for two issues including postage. European subscriptions are £22 for two issues including postage. Subscriptions for the rest of the world are £22 for surface mail (which can take more than 10 weeks) and £26 for air mail. Back issues are now available online, please make sure you select the appropriate shipping from the drop down menu before purchase. Publication is typically every nine months.

Subscriptions can now be purchased using PayPal

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No. 34 Contents:
No. 33 Contents: Mineral News; The Norman Thomson Collection;  A Re-interpretation of Wallace; Epidote(Sr) and Piemontite-(Sr) from Benallt Mine; SMLS Visit to the Faroe Islands; Gorceixite from Benallt Mine; Aughrim Quarry; Book Reviews
No. 32 Contents: Dolyhir Quarry; Book Review
No. 31 Contents: Richard W. Barstow Mineral Dealer Extraordinaire; Book Review
No. 30 Contents: Tucson Show; Creaseyite from Wanlockhead; Wicklow Lead Mines; Abbeytown  Mine and Quarry; Halotrichite Group Minerals in  Wales; Book Reviews
No. 29 Contents: Mineral News; Stereomicroscopes for Mineralogy; Saddleback Mine, Cumbria; Feitknechtite from Benallt Mine, Llyn;  The Mineralogy of North Devon United Mine, Cornwall
No. 28 Contents: Sowerby Scorodite; Bechererite;  Arsentsumebite from Dolyhir Quarry; Wavellite;  Paralstonite from Dolyhir Quarry; Minerals of the Swiss Jura; Harmotome from Ruthwaite Lodge;  Petitjeanite from Carrock Mine;  Preisingerite & Rooseveltite from Carrock Mine; New Cliffe Hill Quarry; Book Reviews
No. 27 Contents: Buxton Museum; Barite from Barras End Mine; Digital Micro-Photography; Weardale Fluorite;  Minerals of Fife; Cesarolite from Eaglebrook Mine; Wurzite from Lockridge Mine; Copper Minerals from Leaghillaun;  Arsendescloizite from Sandbed Mine;  Tsumebite from Roughton Gill Mine;  Caryopilite and  Pyroxmangite from Nant Mine
No. 26 Contents: Chywoon Quarry; Kainosite from Strontian; Arsenogoyazite from Wheal Cock; Cassedanneite from Leadhills; New Cliffe Hill Quarry;  Algodonite and  domeykite from New Cliffe Hill Quarry
No. 25 Contents: Digital Micro-Photography, Parkerite from Devon, Ewaldite from Dolyhir Quarry, Lindsay's Leap, Borate Minerals from Boulby Mine, Olsacherite from Waterbank, Elyite from Greystone Quarry, Philipsbornite from Wheal Unity, Ilvaite from the Whin Sill, Book Reviews
No. 24 Contents: Greystone Quarry, Petrology of zinc-lead-copper ores at Crow Island, Supergene lead mineralisation in Central Wales, Apatite cystals from the coal measures
No. 23 Contents: Fakes & Forgeries; Rogerley Mine; REE Minerals in the North Pennines;  Barite from Sidmouth; Copper Minerals from Flamborough; Bechererite from Wales; Chalcophanite from Wales;  Cobalt Mining on Alderley Edge
No. 22 Contents: Twenty Years in Minerals: Northern England; The Shap Granite Quarry, Cumbria.
No. 21 Contents:  Twenty Years in Minerals;  Twenty Years in Minerals:  Scotland;  Twenty Years in Minerals:  Ireland;  Pyrite From The Welsh Goldbelt
No. 20 Contents: Famous Mineral Localities: Penberthy Croft Mine, St. Hilary, Cornwall, England.
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No. 19 Contents:  The Australian Museum; Earth's Treasury; Ting Tang Mine; Collecting in the Spinifex; Rare Ore Minerals from Central Wales.
No. 18 Contents:  Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society; Force Crag Mine; Royal Cornwall Museum; Ystrad Einion Mine.
No. 17 Contents: Copper Mines of the Great Orme; Australian News; Copper Minerals from Lodge Park Trial; Countybridge Quarry; Frongoch.
No. 16 Contents: Ontario; Zeolites from Moonen Bay; Minerals from Tanygrisiau; Lanzarote
No. 15 Contents: Mineralization of the Llanrwst Orefield; Parys Mountain; Supergene Minerals from Penrhiw Mine, Dyfed; Enargite from Derbyshire; Supergene Minerals from Waterbank Mine.
No. 14 Contents: Borate Nodules from Boulby Mine; Sussex Goes South; Agates from Ardownie Quarry; The Minerals of the China Clay Pits; St-Marie-Aux-Mines 94.
No. 13 Contents: Origin of the Peak District Orefield; Minerals of the Peak District of Derbyshire.
No. 12 Contents: Molybdenite from Coire Buidhe; Oakstone and other Pseudostalatitic Baryte from Derbyshire; Strontianite from Gunnerside Gill; Millerite from Brownley Hill Mine; Microminerals from  Ireland part III; Gold Rushes of Ireland.
No. 11 Contents: Greenockite from Bishopton; Pyrite from Goat Quarry; Boltwoodite Stamps; New Minerals; Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield; Wulfenite in the British Isles; Microminerals from Ireland.
No. 10 Contents: Micromounts; Harmotome from Pen-y-Clun; Judkins Quarry; Milltown Quarry; A Trip to England; Microminerals from Ireland; Ste-Marie-aux-Mines 1991; Liverpool Museum; BMS Reference Collection; Sgurr nam Boc; Hendre Quarry.
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No. 9 Contents: Bayldonite from Penberthy Croft; The Van Mine; A Journey Through Northern Spain; Vein Minerals of Mannoch Hill.
No. 8 Contents:  The London Mineral Show 1990; Veszelyite, a Mineral New to Britain; Wollaton Hall Mineral Collection; Rammelsberg Slag Minerals; Llywernog Mine and Museum; Sainte Marie-aux-Mines Show Report; Mineralisation of the Kinharvie Burn; In Tablets of Stone.
No. 7 Contents: The Collectors Tale; Pike Lane Opencut; Colour in Scottish Agates; Bwlchglas Mine; Alpine Quartz; Muirshiel Mine; The Copper Mines of Great Sled Dale.
No. 6 Contents: Botallack; The History of Ystrad Einion Mine; Bakewell Rock Swap; International Conference on Mineralogy and Museums; Minerals of the Trearne Quarry; Sussex Mineral Show 1988; Cassiterite from Whiteworks, Carharrick, Cornwall, Mining Methods on Lindale Moor; My Garden Wall; The Ste. Marie-aux-Mines Show; An Iberian Interlude; Thurstaston Beach.
No. 5 Contents: The Re-opening of Clogau Gold Mine 1996; The Minerals of Trimouns, Ariege, France, Wheal Owles; The Decline of Mining in Mid-Wales and Prospects for Revival; The Mines of Lindale Moor; Cumbria; Minerals of the Isle of Skye; The Occurrence of Mattheddleite in the Caldbeck Fells; British Topographical Mineralogy; Yorkshire Mining Museum; The 8th British Mineral & Gem Show; The Minerals of Vale Road Quarry, Nottinghamshire; The Minerals of Esgair Hir Mine.
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No. 4 Contents: On the Morphology of Barite Crystals from Silverwood Colliery, South Yorkshire; Collecting Minerals with Mr. B. Wright; Minerals from N.W. Tasmania; The Camborne School of Mines Geology Museum; Exchanging Minerals; Zeolite; Mining of the Basal Permian Sands; Lead and Zinc Mining in the Ewden Valley; Pandoras Crystal Box; The Minerals of Rhuba a'Mhill, Islay, Scotland; Wheal Gorland; Mineralisation at the Goldthorpe/Hickleton Complex in South Yorkshire; Minerals of the Dome Rock and Mutooroo Copper Mines; Harrogate Gem and Mineral Fair.
No. 3 Contents: Microminerals from Bontddu, Gwynedd; The World's Deepest Shaft; Agricola Country; First Hand In; Secondary Minerals from Wetgrooves; The 7th British Mineral & Gem Show; South Crofty; Barite from Silverwood Colliery; Mineral Reminiscences of Peter Hurrel; The Mines of Llechwedd Helyg; Copper Mines of Middleton Tyas; Cassiterite Pseudomorphs After Orthoclase from Wheal Coates, St. Agnes; Present Day Collecting at Cligga Head; Antwerp Mineral Show.
No. 2 Contents: The Minerals of the Meadowfoot Smelter; The Munich 1986 Show; Cap Garonne Secondary Copper & Lead; Knoydart, Scotland; Coldstones Quarry; Brussels Mineral Show; Post Mining Minerals of Tynebottom; Bakewell Rock Swap; Levant Mine; Smallcleugh, Melanterite; Micro Minerals from Dyfngwm Mine
No. 1 Contents: Red Gill Mine; Llanrwst Mines; Tucson Show; John Ruskin; Diseases of Special Occupations; Chenite; Fallowfield Mine; London Mineral Show; It Rains Turquoise; Dean Quarry; UK Wulfenite; Hoover and de re Metallica; Hilton Mine; Heights and the Green Hole; Ancestry and Alum; Mines of Strontian; Halite from South Yorkshire; Dalradian Gold; Minerals of the China Clay Pits.
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